7Fest Dynamic Marketing


If you are a Self-employ. If you have a small workshop or you want to start a personal business.

7Fest Online Dynamic Marketing System helps you to start and step-up your business. Like delivered Jobs/Leads, Advertisement and Marketing support to improve your profession.

Anyone can apply who have the professional knowledge or professionally qualified by any institutes. And a minimum of 18 years old.

Best and easiest way to get comfort income/extra income on engaging full-time or part-timer basic.

Hiring HS pass candidate.

Our Domestic Service Categories:

  • Electronic Repairing

Mobile, Laptop, Computer Hardware/software, Printer/Scener, Led/Lcd, TV, Electronics

  • Household Repairing

Electrical, Waring/Lights/Fittings, AC, Cooler, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Furniture, Wall/Floor/Roof, Plumbing, Geyser, others Bathroom appliances etc.

  • Kitchen Appliances Repairing

Cooktop, Electronic Chimney, Induction Cooker, Microwave, Any type of Maker like Rice, Roti, Coffe etc. Water purifiers, Modular kitchen repairing etc.

  • Professionals

Beautician, Photographers, Yoga, Physiotherapist, Man care, Tailor etc.

Apply your Profession or Refer to others, and Grow together. (Click to Share by Whatsapp)

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